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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updates: Poppy, Ben, and Brayden

I have some updates for three of the children I've shared with you in the past. Here they are!
Poppy was one of the first children posted on here, before I had officially shared this blog with all of you. I am pleased to announce that she has a family working to get to her! I can't wait to see pictures of her with them.
For updates on her adoption, visit her mom's blog at somehowtherespeace.blogspot.com
If you would like to donate money to help with the adoption costs for bringing her home, take a look at the "Support Adopting Families" page on this blog.
When I shared Brayden with you all in early April, he really needed a family to step forward for him because of his complex medical needs. I am so very happy to share that HE HAS A FAMILY! Such wonderful news! I don't have any more information than that, because his profile has simply been updated to matched. But please keep him in your prayers. Pray that his family can get through the paperwork as fast as possible and get travel approval to get him. Also, please pray for his health while he waits in China. Thank you!
I posted about this almost 14 year old boy in hopes that a family would come forward for him, but that hasn't happened and he aged out this month {meaning he can longer be adopted}. Please pray that God will reveal a purpose for him in China and that people will come along side him to mentor and help him.
I will continue to post updates as I get them! And if you have any extra info on any of the children listed on the "Waiting For My Family" page, please do share! Thank you. :)
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