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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Addie

Meet Addie, a beautiful smiley girl who turned 11 years old today and is waiting for her forever family in India! Wouldn't it be wonderful if her family found her on this special day? :)
Her description says,

"She was born with a minor congenital heart defect that has already been repaired. She engages well with grown-ups and peers, and is currently in the 4th grade."
Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Addie to share, due to India's laws, but I'm sure the family who pursues her adoption will be able to obtain some.
She is listed with America World Adoption.
The National Flag of India, Addie's home country.

Will you pray with me today that God will provide this lovely girl the loving home she longs for and deserves?
Please note that this is a shared referral. For more information on “Addie",  please email india@awaa.org
Also, I found this video yesterday...please watch it. It brought tears to my eyes! The writer of this song and his wife adopted a little girl, and I believer her siblings, from the Ukraine. And when she grew up, she and her husband adopted a little boy. Such an amazing story!
Believing that Jesus "hears the orphan",
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