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Friday, April 10, 2015

Meet Ben!


He looks like he's a goofball who would keep his family laughing!
His description reads
"Ben will turn 14 at the end of June, and he is hoping for a forever family. Ben was already eight when he came into the orphanage. His file does not shed light on his early years, but it does note that Ben’s physical and mental development was normal. It also mentions that the orphanage staff found Ben to be very handsome! Ben’s only special need is that he is Hepatitis B positive."
Can we stop there for a second? In just a few months, he will be 14. And at that age he can no longer be adopted? What!? I know a lot of my friends who are reading this are somewhere around that age. I will be 15 soon. In China, if I didn't have a family now, there would no longer be any hope for one. How heartbreaking!

More information about Ben says
"Ben has been living in a foster family within the orphanage compound, experiencing life with a foster mother and father, as well as foster brothers and sisters. Ben is outgoing and seems thrive as part of a group."
I don't think I need to read his description to know he is outgoing! Just look at the above picture again!
"Bay Area Adoption Services has a partnership with Ben’s orphanage, and BAAS’s China Program Coordinator has met Ben on several occasions. She describes Ben as a friendly and well-adjusted boy who speaks clearly and fluently. Ben is said to be hard-working, polite and thoughtful, and to get along well with teachers, friends and his foster family. Ben likes sports and music. He has a great singing voice! Ben also enjoys school and has completed fourth grade. Videos of Ben are available."
There has to be a family out there for him somewhere!
Let's keep him in our prayers and share his story so his family can find him before he ages out.
To learn more about him, click here to view his profile on No Hands But Ours.
More important info:
The orphanage fee for Ben is waived. Please contact BAAS for more information.
BAAS is ready to help a family expedite Ben’s adoption, but it is important to note that he is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family working with any agency.
Praying for his forever family to step forward soon,
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