"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans..."-- James 1:27
"If you love me, you will obey what I command." -- John 14:15

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet Bailey

I read about sweet little Bailey on Stop for Snowdrops and her beautiful face tugged at my heart. She is so beautiful and needs a family!
She is 12 years old, born in January 2003. Her description says,
10 year old Bailee. Sweetie!
 "She dresses neatly and likes to be beautiful. She is shy but gets along well with other children. She listens well in class but has some difficulty understanding. She has some difficulty writing and with some personal care such as combing her hair, due to the low muscle tension in her upper limbs."

It goes on to mention her best friend in the orphanage, Lily, who was adopted in 2013. Lily adores Bailey and says

Bailey (left) and her friend Lily.
 "Her hands don't work good.  Bailey is very nice. She is 11, and other than having difficulty with her hands she is healthy. She lives with a man and woman she calls mama and baba. She has a 12 year old foster brother. Her foster family is very nice to her. She lived with only one house between them. We played often, were very good friends and went to school together. Bailey can hold a pencil but her handwriting is not neat. Bailey can read. I helped her a lot with her school work. She is a little smart (meaning she needed some help). She can get dressed by herself but needs help with zippers and buttons. She can hold a spoon to eat but wears a bib when she eats because she sometimes spills. When the ayi’s and teachers told Bailey I was being adopted, Bailey was very sad. She was so upset she couldn’t eat even though her teachers tried to make her feel better.
I was VERY upset to leave Bailey and Bailey was also unhappy about it."
Lily is doing amazing with her new family. Let’s make sure Bailey gets a family too! Hopefully these two friends can meet again someday soon.
Bailey was born  in January 2003 and is on the shared list ready for your agency to help you adopt her.

Bailey has an adoption fund on Reece’s Rainbow. If you cannot adopt Bailey right now, you can help her future family financially get to her by donating! Thank you! I'm planning to do my best to give a bit at a time to this, although I wish I could just scoop her up and bring her home to be my sister. :)

Here is the sweetest younger photo of Bailey, taken by her friends mom. Bailey is on the right in yellow. Isn’t she sweet?

zhu bing younger in yellow on right

For more information on Bailee, visit Twenty Less: Bailee or Stop for Snowdrops: Beautiful Bailee.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Help Viktor and Yuri Get Adopted

I first read about Viktor and Yuri on The Rebelution site.
These two sweet boys have spent far too long alone, unloved, spending their days in a crib. And then, there seemed to be hope-a family had come forward for them! But, too many snags in the paperwork set things back, and this family, no matter how much they want too, can no longer claim these little boys as their own.
And so they wait, not even knowing what love is. Here is an excerpt from the post about them:

"It’s midnight in America. As we lay sleeping, the sun is dusting a half-curtained window far away. If you looked through that window you would see a line of cribs. Little heads are slowing raising. In the midst of these children are two tiny boys. One named Yuri and one named Viktor. Yuri crawls to the edge of his crib and pulls himself up to watch the rays of sun tumble to the floor. Viktor remains seated, but he clutches the bars of the crib and moans, rocking back and forth in his childhood prison.
The sun is a cruel beauty to both of them. It lightens the trees and overgrown grass in the yard; it lightens beyond—beyond where they will never see.
The sunshine flaunts the world in front of their faces, taunting them of joy and love and laughter they will never have. Taunting them about the roads that lead elsewhere—roads that lead away from barred prisons for seven-year-olds.

viktor_smallViktor cries out into the empty stillness. No one answers—of course. He cries out again—yelling for the dream of a rescue that has nearly faded from his mind. He shifts his twisted ankles beneath him and stares out the window at the world that disabled Ukrainian children are shut out from.
Yuri lays back down in his crib. His sweet eyes become vacant as he fixes them on the ceiling. Nobody would know what he was thinking—if he even is. There is nothing to think in this place. And, by the time you are nearly seven, you certainly should have run out of hope. By that age you aren’t the cute kid with shining eyes who captures hearts with dazzling smiles. In fact, it’s a small miracle if you know how to smile anymore. No, by this age, your body is becoming twisted from needed but never received surgeries and therapies and lack of food. Your ribs show like you have spent your years in a concentration camp…and, in a way, you have. Eyes, glimmering with the last dying flecks of hope, sweep over the window and the lengthening morning. Another day has begun."

Please share their stories. These children deserve to know love just as much as your own son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend...

Learn more about these boys, their special needs, and how you can help, here.